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Why Online Poker was Restricted in the US?

Wednesday 03 July 2019 at 08:31 am.


In the United States online poker was restricted by law through the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA). That was during the Bush administration and this made online poker as illegal including the processing of transactions by gambling websites through financial institutions. That was in 2006, recently though, the playing of online poker is not considered illegal. What is illegal is for banks to process transactions for online gaming. So, in effect sites are looking for ways around the said law.Most recently the term illegal gambling is defined under sports betting online which made playing poker and casino games allowed by four states like New Jersey, Delaware, Nevada and Pennsylvania. But it was claimed by DOJ that it is legal to play online poker in any state.

What is online poker?

It has been known that this game is a game of chance and though many claimed that there is the amount of luck that prevails in every game, it really requires a significant amount of skill to win in the game. That is why decisions were made based on the said information at hand therefore winning at poker is done with the combination of luck and skill. That is the reason why poker is not considered as a game of chance. Get more Interesting details about poker online on kancil poker.

Final Thought

Though there are still policies that are being ironed out related to online poker regulations, many are waiting for the legalization of the game and are happy to note that these legislation are made to provide players protectionfrom theft and cheating. When the time comes, players will sign-up at sites of their choice and know that they are into a fair game and that every fund they have put up is well protected. That will surely be the best scenario for players where they can then fully focus on their game and not concerned over legality. Just the old time fun the game brings.