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DIY Ideas on how to improve water pressure in the shower

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Having a satisfying shower is a great way to start a day. It could help you start a day healthy and fresh. Especially when the water pressure of your shower is high, it helps you increase your energy which is best at starting a day.

However, anyone may experience a frustrating day because of the low water pressure. Surely, you’ll end up unsatisfied with your shower and this may contribute to the mood that you have in a day. 

So! Take that frustration away and improve water pressure in the shower. Good news? You can do it yourself!


DIY ideas for improving water pressure in the shower

First, identify the flow of your water. Test it with measuring jug, timer, and calculator. If there’s a qualified plumber that helps you identify the kind of water pressure you have, much better!

Here’s how to measure:

Turn on the shower and fill the jug. If it takes 6 seconds to fill a 1-litre jug, then you have a low water pressure.

If this happens, you may start improving your water pressure by your own. You may start with cleaning the shower head and remove particles that are stuck in there. These particles may be built up over time and block your shower head. This ultimateguide is great source of improve water pressure in the shower.

If this doesn’t work, remove and replace the shower head. You may turn off water, remove the shower head and bring it to the store. Make sure that you purchase a shower head that has exactly the same size as the old one.  The prices of shower head may differ depending on brands and additional feature. 

The above mentioned tips are for “first aid”. If you think that you need to overhaul your water system involving changing of pipes and installing pressurised cylinder, you need a professional help from plumber.